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LiQuiTube is the #1 Best Selling Heavy Duty Commercial Tire Sealant in the USA

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Distributor of LiQuiTube™ - made like NO other tire sealant in the world. Really.

Tire Sealant Product Line
  • Reduces downtime, lost man hours & eliminates tire repair costs
  • Aids heavy truck tire balance, keeps tires cooler & improves fuel efficiency
  • Never dries out, will not rust or pit rims & does not damage rubber
  • 95% effective in tubeless tires, less effective in tires with tubes
  • Recommended for "E" rated (10 ply) tires or higher and 19 1/2" rims or larger
  • Not recommended for light duty passenger vehicle tires
  • Not recommended for tires with valve mounted pressure sensors
  • LiQuiTube™ - The Unique Tire Sealant
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How it works

Foam vs. LiQuiTube Comparison


Foam Filled Tire

LiQuiTube Filled Tire


Foam Filled Tire

Liquitube Filled Tire

Ride Quality

Generally more unpleasant ride due to added weight, less flexible tires, and more "out of balance" feeling

Prevents air loss and creates a smoother ride


Expensive to fill and expensive to remove when tires wear out (tires must be cut off)

Less expensive than foam and tires are as easy to remove as untreated tires when worn out

Wear & Tear

Hard on rims, hubs, wheels, bearings, and more stress on axles and suspension

Very little added weight or additional stress


tires flex much less which hinders good traction

No decreased flexibility so tires keep good traction


Excellent protection from large punctures, holes, and excessive damages

Seals up to 1/4" punctures in standard tires and 3/4" punctures in heavy ply tires

Does your tire sealant do this...

LiquiTube Saved Me Over $20,000 Last Year.

Money that was just walking out the door.

Bobcat skid loader photo

Everyone knows that flat tires are a costly expense. Before I put LiquiTube in my rental fleet, I had no idea just how large that "cost of doing business" actually was. And I certainly didn't know that there was a solution. Until a year ago, we were averaging one flat tire every week on our rental fleet. This is to be expected. People abuse rental equipment - that's why they rent it! Adding up the cost of fixing or replacing the tire, rebating our customer for his downtime and paying my guys to get it done, I conservatively figure that flats were costing me $400 each.

In April 2014, I put LiquiTube in every tire in my rental fleet. I haven't had a flat tire since.

That's just north of $20,000 that your product saved me last year. Money that was just walking out the door. I use this personal story to sell LiquiTube to my customers. Until you paint the picture, people don't realize just how costly flats are to their business. But when we show them the value of LiquiTube as a preventative tire treatment, its an easy product to sell. We will continue to recommend LiquiTube to all of our customers.

Bobcat of Fort Wayne Indiana
Buddy Funk, Owner

LiQuiTube = "Good" Savings

After testing it, I was really impressed...

Good's Disposal company garbage truck

Being in the garbage industry, we are always running over nails and other things in the landfills and transfer stations. On average, we were getting close to 9 to 10 flats per week.

Last year alone, my company spent around $130,000 for tires and repair costs, so when the LiQuiTube rep came by and demonstrated the product I said to myself, "What do I have to lose?"

Over a year ago I tried it on several trucks just to see if it would work. After testing it, I was really impressed to see how it cut the flats down to a VERY low percentage. We now see an average of less than one flat each week.

The owner of our company is very thankful to know how much money we have saved on tires and repairs. That can really help any garbage company's bottom line.

LiQuiTube has a guarantee that stands far above any other on the market place. We know why - it really works! We now make sure that all of the trucks in our fleet have LiQuiTube in them for cost savings and safety issues for our drivers.

Good's Disposal company sign

Joe Gikie, Head Mechanic
Goods Disposal, Inc.
Lancaster, PA

Tire Sealants

Why The Way They Are Made Makes All The Difference

photo of slimy and goopy tire sealant from inside used wheels

When judging tire sealants, it is important to understand that only Liquitube is made with a multi-stage, heat mixing process.  This special process makes Liquitube unique in how it works, how long it lasts, and other factors.  All other tire sealants are "cold-mixed" products, which limits their abilities and their effective life.

date icon
Shelf Life

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube has NO known shelf-life and stays liquid for the life of the tire, guaranteed.

tire pressure icon
Fully Coated

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube actively coats every square inch of the inside of the tire and rim, sealing ALL forms of air loss.

temperature icon
Temperature Range

Unlike cold-mix sealants. Liquitube remains effective from as low as 50 below zero and as high as 200 degrees.

tire puncture icon

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube seals 1/4" punctures in ANY tire, and 3/4" punctures in heavy ply tires.

thumbs up icon
What Mess?

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube will not dry out in the tire, or make a mess when the tire is removed from the rim.

wash icon
Safe & Washable

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube washes off completely with water, and meets EPA guidelines for municipal disposal.

warranty icon
Lifetime Guarantee

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Have tire leaks? Try Liquitube with NO risk - it works, or your money back!

Ride, Work, And Play With Confidence

LiQuiTube provides peace of mind and more fun in all your outdoor activities!

Exmark mowerPolaris ATVKubota RTV

For all your ATV, Mowing, and Equipment needs, find your local LiQuiTube dealer.

Don't forget to ask for LiQuiTube!

How Much Does An 1-1/2" Puncture Cost You?

Even after an 1-1/2" puncture, heavy-ply off-road tires are still safe and hold air...

new liquitube extreme off-road tire sealant

new liquitube extreme off-road tire sealant
new liquitube extreme off-road tire sealant

Excellent for off-road ATVs, Skid Steers, Road Graders, Backhoes, Earthmovers/Scrapers, Log Splitters, Wheel Loaders, and Haul Trucks

Photo on right:

Real picture of an off-road tire treated with LiQuiTube Extreme. Still holding air after it had 12 railroad spikes in the tire!

Turn Your Liquid Ballast Into A Ballast That Seals Punctures!

Reduce tire slippage without worrying about flat tires!

new liquitube liquid ballast tire sealant

Works with:

  • Beet Juice
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Water

LiQuiTube® Ballast Sealant installs at a 1 to 10 ratio, meaning that 1 gallon of sealant is installed for every 10 gallons of total ballast.

To install ballast sealant simply put the valve stem at 3 or 9 o’clock and drain the same amount of ballast out of the tire that you will be adding in LiQuiTube® Liquid Ballast Tire Sealant then rotate the valve stem back to 12 o’clock and install the sealant.

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